Eric Schneiderman Investigation May Sink Trump Once And For All


Back in September Eric Schneiderman, the New York Attorney General, announced that his office would be launching a full scale investigation into the Trump Foundation. In a situation which has since been described by ‘Newsweek’ as something out of an eposode of ‘Gotham’, with Schneiderman playing Batman to Trump’s Joker, the New York State Attorney General has thus far been the only US official to serve a civil suit against the Republican Presidential Candidate for fraud.

In spite of the fact that the evidence that Eric Schneiderman’s office holds appears to be extensive, and has been in the public domain for a while, allegations have been emanating from a number of media sources sympathetic to the Republican cause, most notably the Washington Times, that not only did the New York Attorney General decline to investigate the Clinton Foundation, but that he had also endorsed Mrs. Clinton’s nomination for president, and that the entire investigative process has therefore been politically motivated. Schneiderman on the other hand is adamant that nothing could be further from the truth, and has continued to persevere in spite of being attacked by Right Wing trolls who dubbed him the ‘Jew York Attorney General’.

Having previously made it clear in an interview on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” back in June that his initial investigation into Trump University had “nothing to do with politics”, and had been conducted on account of the fact that the seemingly bogus educational establishment was little more than a scam “from beginning to end,” something which he was to confirm in as many words to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America,” Eric Schneiderman informed CNN that he was trying to ensure that Trump was “complying with the laws governing charities in New York”. And, although the most recent investigation into the activities of the Trump Foundation follows hot on the heels of the Trump University Suit, as Newsweek have been swift to point out, the pair ‘have been battling in conference rooms and courtrooms and on the web for several years now.’

The next couple of weeks are likely to see yet more twists in the tale as a recent article in the New York Post revealed just a fortnight or so ago that the Trump Foundation had been ordered to “cease soliciting contributions or engaging in any other fundraising activities in New York,”, with immediate effect, and to surrender its annual financial reports within fifteen days of notice being served on Friday 30th September. The Attorney General’s Office had previously ruled that the Trump Foundation had been raising funds in New York during the current financial year without first engaging in the correct registration process and was therefore in direct violation of New York State Law.

Elsewhere it has been alleged, most notably by ‘The Washington Post’, that Trump diverted money from The Donald J. Trump Foundation so as to make it serve his own interests, whilst simultaneously using the charity to recycle the contributions of third parties; in such a way as to make them appear to have been his own. In reality however it has been widely claimed that he himself has not actually given a single cent in genuine donations since 2008. And, to make matters worse, Trump has been making allegations of his own in connection with Schneiderman’s supposed personal and political motivations for doing all this for which he has thus far failed to produce one single piece of documentary evidence.

In statements reported by the Huffington Post earlier in the year Trump claimed that President Barack Obama had arranged for a $15,000 donation to be made to Schneiderman’s electoral campaign back in 2014 in direct exchange for initiating the Trump University investigation. The so far unsubstantiated allegations are centred on Obama’s apparent involvement in the arrangement of a contribution to the Schneiderman Campaign from the California law firm representing apparent victims of one of Trump’s many alleged scams. Back in February of this year, after speaking from the podium before an assembled crowd of supporters who had gathered at a rally in Bentonville, Arkansas, Trump was quoted as saying: “The attorney general of New York meets with Barack Obama in Syracuse, the following day he sues me. What they don’t say is, I believe, fifteen thousand or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in California that is suing me.”

Speaking in his own defence, in relation to a matter that becomes more and more complex by the hour, Eric Schneiderman told “CBS This Morning” in mid September “If I’m a traffic cop, but I’m a Democrat, and he speeds by me, I have to give him a ticket. It’s that simple. Charities have to follow the rules.” Meanwhile, the sex obsessed mainstream media continues to concern itself primarily with similarly unsubstantiated allegations of rape and sexual assault against Trump, whilst ignoring the fact that, if the DNC e-mail leaks and other related data breaches that have recently surfaced through Wikileaks destroy the Clinton bid for the White House, we are likely to see a convicted fraudster holding Presidential Office before long in the country which still has the largest economy in the World.

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