Does Leaked Spreadsheet Show Donald Trump And Family Receiving Payments From DNC?


The DNC is going to be having a hard time explaining this one, how did Donald J. Trump and his son, Trump Jr., end up on a DNC spreadsheet of expenses?


This file was downloaded from Wikileaks and is available here for you to examine for yourself (  If you go to the properties section of the spreadsheet you will see it was created “05/21/2016, 02:48:09, Miller, Lindsey”.  Lindsey Miller is a representative of the DNC and keeps spreadsheets of fundraising and expenditures for them.  Her name is very prevalent when searching the leaked DNC documents.

The expenses range from payment for office supplies to travel expenses for Trump Jr..

Progressive Party News reached out to Lindsey Miller,, and asked her to explain why why Donald Trumps name appears so many times. We are holding our breath and waiting on a response.


So I am getting several reports that state that the xls spreadsheet from wikileaks,, is just from the FEC about Donald Trumps expenses.

My question is why is it so detailed? This is not something parties share. They may have to report what they spent to the FEC, but I find it hard to believe that the other party can see such detailed information like that “x dollars was spent for a rental car”. If there was a discrepancy that would be for the FEC to take action on not the other party.

Also why did the DNC name the file so poorly? It is a horrible naming convention “Trump May 2016.xlsx”, it should be FEC_Report_Trump_May_2016.xlsx so they can identify it. The properties should have been filled out and they are not.

In addition if it was an FEC file it would say FECfile in the header of the spreadsheet. Check it out for yourself and it would not contain this much detailed information. This is not an FEC download.

There is something really fishy here.

Source: PPN

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