It’s Here! The Walking Dead Releases Trailer For Upcoming Season 7

Well we have been waiting for San Diego Comic-Con so we could finally see the release of the trailer for the upcoming season 7 of The Walking Dead. AMC has finally revealed it and it will get your blood pumping! So get ready, this is the very first footage since the major cliffhanger of season 6.

Now of course it’s not going to reveal who our new bad guy killed with his trusty barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, although we suspect they stay true to the comics and it’s…….. well, if you have read the comics, you know, we will leave it at that.

We can end the speculation about King Ezekiel of the Kingdom entering the show along with his tiger ‘Shiva’, and it most certainly looks like they are going a new route to a world which is MUCH bigger than the world Rick, Daryl, and Michonne have been living in for 6 seasons. Oh and yes, of course you can bet there will be plenty of Negan!

I won’t spoil the rest, just watch below!

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