Quantum Trip: The Duality Of Our Universe

Under Einstein’s double slit experiment, he proved that photons may be emitted as particles, they may be detected as particles, but when un-watched they travel through spaces as waves. This wave particle dualism of matter is described in quantum mechanics as quantum superposition. In this article we are going to address the skeleton in the closet.

.einstein slit


Those who are into the collective consciousness theory may interpret the quantum concept of wave particle duality as a reinforcement of the metaphysical notion that reality is established by consciousness being both the creator and observer. This makes sense if we view space as not an object or a thing, but as form of our animal understanding. Niels Bohr thought much of this theory yet rejected by many others in the physics community.


Looking at it from an external view. It is not “consciousness” that effects results, or more technically, which causes the wave function to collapse. It is the method by which the observation, or measurement, is made that interacts with the microscopic matter to alter its observable state. This is often referred to as the Measurement Problem. According to the Copenhagen Interpretation, to ask questions about the quantum world using classical concepts, or understanding, leads to problems. One of those problems is esoteric interpretations of the findings.


Probability and superposition are phenomena that exist only at quantum scales. Somewhere between microscopic and macroscopic this uncertainty disappears by a process called decoherence.


Now on the other side of coin, for all practical purposes, any macroscopic object is constantly being observed. A big thing can’t be isolated. It’s always in contact with the rest of the world. And that contact is observation.
It’s complicated to fathom, maybe technology will help understand this mystery one day. As of right now we are located down the drain into a blind alley which nobody has yet to escape as Richard Feynman once said.

by Michael Wagner

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