34 Amazing Stats During David Ortiz’s Career

When it comes to Boston sports, there may not be as decorated and celebrated of an athlete(other than Tom Brady) than David Ortiz. Ortiz, much to the dismay of adoring Red Sox fans – announced his retirement making 2016 his final season. And what a season it has been, statistically, As Ortiz continues to hit the cover off the ball, setting records and reaching milestones.

Friday was no exception, when Big Papi lifted a ball to deep center for his 26th home run this year. In doing so, he reached another milestone, and with that, we share Big Papi’s 34 amazing career stats as of August 13, 2016.

#34: David Ortiz Hits 1000th Extra Base Hit

David Ortiz joined a short list of Red Sox greats Friday night against the Diamonbacks. When he blasted a homer to centerfield, he joined only Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski, as the only three Red Sox hitters to ever hit for 1000 extra base hits. Unless he plays another year or goes off on one hell of a hitting spree, Ortiz will be enshrined as the third most Red Sox to ever hit for extra base hits.

Yaz: 1,157
Williams: 1,117
Ortiz: 1000

#33: Third Highest Home Run Total Among Active Players

Only two other active players have hit more home runs than Ortiz. Alex Rodriguez, who retired Friday (696) and long-time Cardinals slugger, Albert Pujols (581). Ortiz, as of August 13, has 529.

#32: David Ortiz Passes Ted Williams, 19th All Time

Big Papi keeps climbing the all-time home run total list and has a chance to pass other legends if he stays healthy and continues to hit like he has this season. Moving up to number 19, among all-time home run hitters, Ortiz passed Teddy “Ball Game” Williams, Frank Thomas, and William McCovey. All three greats have 521 home runs.

#31: David Ortiz Has Hit The 2nd Most Home Runs in Red Sox History

Earlier this year, Big Papi passed Carl Yastrzemski for second all time on the team’s list, and trails Ted Williams, who hit 521 career home runs. While he passed Williams in the league’s all time home run total, Papi will most likely have to settle for second for the team’s all-time total. As of writing this, David Ortiz has 471 home runs, and most likely won’t hit 51 more home runs this year. (Hint, Hint)

#30: David Ortiz Only Third Player Ever To Hit 600 Doubles, 500 Home Runs

As one of the game’s best clutch hitters ever, Ortiz, earlier this season, hit a walk off double for a win against the Astros for a 6-5 win. In doing so, he joined Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron as the only players to reach that milestone. Not bad company.

#29: David Ortiz Has 9-30 home run seasons with the Red Sox

And what should most likely be ten – 30 plus home run season, Ortiz again set a record and again passed Ted Williams in a hitting category, for the most 30 home run seasons as a Red Sox.

#28: David Ortiz Is 5th All-Time in Career Post Season RBI

When it comes to the playoffs, you could arguably say the man you want up at the plate is David Ortiz. Ortiz, in 357 plates appearance during the playoffs, has knocked in 60 runs. If the Red Sox can make the playoffs this year, Ortiz could very well pass Derek Jeter (4th-61) and David Justice (3rd-63) for third place. Only former teammate, Manny Ramirez and Bernie Williams have more RBI.

#27: Ortiz Is 7th All-Time in Career Post Season Home Runs

If the Red Sox make the playoffs in 2016, Ortiz has a chance to move up from number 7 on the list, with 17 home runs and pass Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols, and Derek Jeter.  Both Mantle and Jackson have hit 18, Pujols 19, and Jeter 20.  And if Ortiz is really feeling it, he could move up to number 2 – passing Bernie Williams, who has 22 home runs. In case you are wondering who is number 1? That would be Manny Ramirez, with 29.

#26: David Ortiz Is 4th All-Time in Career Post Season Doubles

Only three hitters have hit more post season doubles than Papi – and they all hailed from “The Evil Empire,”- The Yankees. Derek Jeter, 32 doubles, Bernie Williams, 29, Jorge Posada, 23, and finishing at number 4 with 21 doubles is David Ortiz.

#25: David Ortiz Had 19 RBI In The 2004 Post Season

Ortiz had one hell of a 2004 playoff stretch,  and in a single playoff season, only David Freese has contributed more RBI with 21.  Papi, respectively shares the number 2 spot with the catching great, Sandy Alomar, 19.

#24: 54 Home Runs In A Single Season

Is the most of any Red Sox to wear the uniform. Ortiz accomplished that in 2006, and a year earlier he had 47 dingers making him number 3. Jimmie Foxx hit 50 home run in 1938, the second highest ever for a Sox hitter.

#23: 23rd All Time RBI Leader in MLB

Ortiz was able to pass Frank Thomas this year for that spot and is only 1 behind Honus Wagner for the 22nd all time leader in RBI. Ortiz currently has a career 1,731 RBI.

#22: Third Most RBI As A Red Sox

David Ortiz is unlikely to move up on this list, but being number 3 is impressive alone. As a Red Sox, Ortiz has driven in 1,493 runs.

#21: 1,907 Games Played As A Red Sox

Only the Yaz, Jim Rice, Dwight Evans, and Ted Williams have played in more games wearing a Red Sox uniform.

#20: Number 2, and tied 3rd for Most Extra Base Hits In One Season

In 1938, Jimmie Foxx hit 92 extra base hits. Ortiz in 2004, came close to beating that with 91. In 2005, and 2007, Ortiz reached extra bases 88 times.

#19: David Ortiz Has Been Intentionally Walked 194 Times

No other player In Red Sox history has been intentionally walked and for good reason because Ortiz alters the games outcome arguably better than anyone who played the game.

#18: 10.3 AB Per HR

This is an interesting statistic and in 2006, it would only take Papi 10.3 at-bats to hit his next bomb out of the park. That was a record owned by Ted Williams, who in 1960 took 10.7 at-bats to hit his next home run.

#17: 8.8 Win Probability Added

This is a unique statistic that is used in Football as well. This stat measures how one player contributes to a win by figuring out each play made from that player  would  change the dynamic or outcome of that game.  Only Ted Williams and Yaz could give the Red Sox a better chance to win than Ortiz. However, 8.8 chance in one season is a single season best for any Red Sox player.

#16: 9 Seasons With At Least 100 RBI

Ortiz is nearing the century mark for the tenth time this year as well. He only needs 10 more RBI to accomplish the record. Right now he is tied with Ted Williams. He also holds the record for most seasons with 30 home run or more and at least 100 RBI.

#15: Random Billy Hatcher Moment

I liked Billy Hatcher when he played in a Sox uniform. I remember when he stole home plate in the 90’s. That being said, Ortiz and Hatcher in the same sentence is as common as Darko Milicic and Lebron James in the same sentence. Anyhow, only Billy Hatcher reached base consecutively in a post-season as much as Ortiz. Both have the record at 10.

#14: David Ortiz Has Most RBI As A DH

Ortiz leads all DH’s in the history of MLB with RBI, 1,532.

#13: David Ortiz Has Most Home Runs As DH

Not even Frank Thomas or Harold Baines could knock more home runs out of the park as a DH. Of course, they probably spent less time as DH’s, but still a neat little stat. 473

#12: David Ortiz Hit .668 in 2013 World Series

Ortiz also won the World Series MVP that season, as the Red Sox defeated Cardinals in 2013 to win the World Series.

#11: David Ortiz Has Hit 60 Home Runs Against Toronto

Toronto cringes when they they see Ortiz in the Red Sox lineup. Ortiz also liked hitting against the Yankees with 52 career home runs against the team. Ortiz has 218 dingers at Fenway.

#10: 15 Seasons Of 20 Or More Home Runs

From 2002 and on David Ortiz has hit at least 20 home runs in a year. In 2002 he hit at least 20 home runs with the Twins, as 14 of his 20 plus home run seasons came with the Red Sox.

#9: Two or More Walk-Off HR In A Season With Team Down By 2 Runs or More

This year,Adam Lind tied David Ortiz as being the only player with multiple walk-off home runs with their teams down two or more runs in a season. Ortiz, held the record 10 years prior.

#8: David Ortiz Reached Base 19 Times In ’13 W.S. #2 All-Time

As epochal of a performance you will find from a player in the World Series. Only Barry Bonds reached base more in the World Series, 21 times in 2002.

#7: David Ortiz Two Walk HR’S In One Post-Season

David Ortiz is the first player ever to accomplish such a feat. The loudest of those walk-offs came against the New York Yankees in 2004’s ALCS.

#6: 11 Walk Off Home Runs, 184 Go Ahead Home Runs

His come from behind magic has won the hearts of millions of Sox fans. While they clung to the edges of their  seat, there’s arguably no other hitter you want up in a game winning, or game tying situation other than Big Papi. For the record, he has 46 game tying home runs.

#5: David Ortiz Has Hit More Away Game Home Runs

Without a doubt Ortiz has performed great in front of the Fenway Faithful, perhaps more  suprisngly, is how Ortiz has fared on the road. He has hit more home runs away (292) than he has at Fenway (237).

#4: 4th Player In History To Have 500 or More HR’s And 3 World Series Titles

Personal acollaids and stats are great, but when they translate into team success, even better. Only Mick Mantle, Reggie Jackson, Babe Ruth and Ortiz can make this claim!

#3: 621 Career Doubles, 37 so far in 2016

Papi has the chance to pass Hank Aaron for tenth all-time in doubles. His work is definitely cut out for him if he wishes to pass number 9, Honus Wagner. Wagner has 643 career doubles. At one point in 2016, analysts claimed Ortiz was on pace to set the record for most doubles in a season. However, it looks less likely that he will being 30 doubles behind to tie, 31 to go ahead.

#2: .300  Or Better B.A. In 3 World Series

All the regular season success isn’t jack, if the last thing people remember you by is the epic goat or choke artist. That’s never been a problem for Big Papi, who has measured up tremendously in the post-season and World Series. Ortiz has hit: 2004: .308 / 2007: .333 / 2013: .688. Not bad huh?

# 1: Number 1 D.H. Hitter Of All Time In Hits

And most certainly the best Designated Hitter of all-time goes to David Ortiz. Big Papi has been a thorn for the past 20 years.  With a flare for the dramatic, the flamboyant Dominican came into the league as a Twin, but shined as a Red Sox. His final season has proven that he can still be clutch, he still should be feared, and still among the best in hitting. Many have asked “are you really retiring?” He answers yes, but with numbers as staggering and impressive that he has put up so far, who can blame one for asking? David Ortiz is an iconic figure, and as iconic as they come. From Larry Bird to Ray Bourque,  and from Tom Brady to the man who will go down as one of the greatest— David Ortiz

David Ortiz HR Yanks

For the record, he leads all time as a DH with: 2,141 hits.

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