NFL Star Calls BLM ‘Hypocrites’ And Why He’s Right

Seattle Seahawks star cornerback, Richard Sherman, is better known as being one of the best CB’s in the NFL, if not the best. He’s also no stranger to making headlines for what he says on and off the field. We all remember when the Seahawks beat the Patriots, Sherman had an interception but it was the taunting that grabbed  headlines after the game. Sherman went up to quarterback and future hall of famer, as a second year pro, little known at the time, and said, “you mad bro?”

Those three words grabbed the twitter world by storm and caused a meme frenzy all over social media. I’ll admit, those three words probably gained more steam than the comments he made in an interview with The Undefeated, an online portal of sports, race, and well garbage.

Sherman, in the interview made some controversial statements, considering the NFL player is black and famous.

The Undefeated: What is your opinion of the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Sherman: It’s hard to formulate an opinion (not really, but continues to make sense) and generalize because they have several different messages.  Some of them are peaceful and understandable and some of them are very radical and hard to support. Any time you see people ( George Soros funded thugs) who are saying,  ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and then saying it’s time to kill police, then it is difficult to stand behind that logic. They are generalizing police just like they are asking  police not to generalize us. IT IS VERY HYPOCRITICAL.

Sherman went on to say that he wants ‘all lives to matter,’ and for everyone, regardless of race to be treated “decently.”

It’s too bad these statements won’t generate nearly the buzz as “you mad bro?” and it’s certainly too bad that it has generated spiteful rhetoric from black journalists and the black community. The reaction and response certainly sounds like these journalists are branding Sherman a sell out, non black, or an “Uncle Tom.” Talk about racist.
However, Richard Sherman is right about Black Lives Matter. The very idea, the very premise this radical group represents is hypocritically racist. Sherman didn’t say that, but this white guy did. Check ya’self white boy. BLM doesn’t want equality, they want demands to be met, they want one up.

They talk about improving racial relations in this country, but I’m not too sure they actually want to improve or even have a relationship with whites.

Meanwhile, backlash surfaced with racist television network, BET. Here’s an article online from titled, “#BLM or Nah: Did Richard Sherman Just Say All Lives Matter?”(Clever and impressive grammar) The article starts off by saying you are either with one side or the other. See how BLM and its sympathizers divide and operate? Very much like ordained racists.

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Here’s a fun exercise; In what other country in the world, can one race have its own television network, own colleges, own clothing line, a black president, legislators, filthy rich athletes, and accuse that country of not being racially fair and racist? Only in America.

Here’s the problem with these rapscallions. While I certainly agree, and believe, that individual racism exist, I firmly believe that you will never completely solve individual racism. That’s defeating ignorance. What you can do is cause disdain and resentment, which will open up the floodgates to more racism. But even this, wouldn’t equate to institutional or systemic racism. Sorry, nice try.

That is because the closest thing to institutional racism is the Drug War. Yes, it’s correct that the war on drugs affects inner city blacks. But to say that whites and Latinos and other races aren’t affected by the silly war on personal choice is simply unqualified.

And with help from vote pandering, self aligned, egotists, politicians, and special interest groups out there calling for a remedy and calling for action, these mislead activist groups like BLM, GLAAD, NOW, etc, will continue to push for special protections. That is racism.

Instead of group rights, honor individual rights. Afterall, individuals are by the law of the land, the only one’s given rights.

Instead of infiltrating college campuses throughout the country, demanding safe spaces, shaming young white males into social justice conformity, let’s practice tolerance and peacefully deal with ignorance.

Many Hollywood stars and professional athletes feel compelled and even pressured to stand with these racist type groups or they fear that they will be attacked as an individual as a “sell out.”

Former Linebacker and Ravens great, Ray Lewis, agrees with Sherman. He pointed out that black on black crime/murder is a more serious problem than the police.

Charles Barkley, NBA legend and Television personality for TNT, took it a step further. He said that blacks need cops. That cops make mistakes but that don’t mean all of them are bad.

Let me finish up by saying this whole labeling trend is absurd. Whether its ‘All Lives Matter, ‘ ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it’s elementary. Creating slogans that serves as distractions from the real issue doesn’t help.

What it actually does is create a divide. And it also creates me to ridicule your mental shortcomings.

There is an issue out there. It’s how our police are being militarized. It’s how we are being programmed as people. We consistently buy into the wars, the nature of violence, bloating our military budget, militarizing our police to seek and kill instead of protect and serve. Believe it or not BLM, but homeless stragglers, pets, pregnant white women, children of whites, Hispanics, Asian, transvestites have all been shot and killed. When it comes to dressing the wound, finding the problem… it’s simple. Systemic Militarization of our Police Forces. And with that, as I’ve seen throughout the years, has no bias, has no racism. It affects equally.

Written by a privileged white male: Derek Wood

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