SJW Hypocrisy – A Toxic, Divisional Mindset


Hello everyone. Jon of the Shred here with my first article for Distract. You may have read my blog in the past (Sweet Funky Freedom), or you may recognize my name from my self-released music. So whether you’re used to my rambling, over-the-top, vitriol laced rants or not, buckle in, as I’m about to lay into the idiocy of social justice warriors, and SJW Hypocrisy in general. While I do believe some SJW’s have the right intent and sincerely want to make a positive change in the world, I’ve noticed (in my experience) that the vast majority of them are self-important, smug, and hypocritical. So let’s dive right in!

SJW Hypocrisy – A Toxic, Divisional Mindset

The whole social justice movement has been getting bigger and bigger each year. While on paper, it appears as though they might be a positive influence on society, it takes very little time conversing with the social justice flock to realize that the sheep are hypocritical and thin-skinned. Ultimately, they appear to have a largely negative impact on culture, and the majority of them have selfish intentions. They’ll regurgitate the buzzwords and terminology their hipster friends learned at liberal arts college on their Twitter and Tumblr pages, loading it up with tacky hashtags and making no discernible difference in the world other than annoying people and causing internet battles. Some of the main focuses of the SJW brigade are political correctness, civil rights, multiculturalism, feminism, and the dreaded identity politics. But in reality, I’d wager most of the focus for SJW’s is completely inward; they’re looking for validation and approval from their peers. They’re looking to be applauded for their actions. It’s very much a selfish mindset.

No one else bitches and moans quite as much as SJW’s. If there was a “complaining” Olympics, SJW’s would win gold medals across the board. They actually go out of their way to feel offended on everyone else’s behalf. Personally I can’t do anything other than shake my head in confusion when, for example, I see white yuppies with trust funds acting offended on the behalf of black people. I’m all for equality, sure, but I really don’t think whites persecuting each other over oppression they never themselves face is strange and counterproductive. Instead of chastising everyone you see with a Trump bumper sticker, why not make a positive impact on the people around you? You aren’t helping race relations by masturbatory monologues about all the unnecessary white guilt you harbor.

SJW Hypocrisy
                 SJW Hypocrisy

And what is the deal with white guilt, anyway? (Cue Seinfeld bass line.) Am I supposed to feel guilty for being born Caucasian? Doesn’t that sound in the slightest counter-productive to these jackasses? Should I have a constant nagging feeling of white guilt that controls all of my thoughts and actions, just because my ancestors may or may not have owned slaves at some point? Listen, if my great great great uncle was whipping some poor African slave in the 1800’s, what the fuck does that have to do with me? I wasn’t holding the whip. I don’t agree with slavery at all. But I’m not gonna harbor self-hatred to compensate for the misdirection of my ancestors. It’s all DEAD PEOPLES BAGGAGE. So anyone feeling guilty over something they took no part in that happened decades, centuries before they were born…and all those folks who think today’s generation should pay for the poor judgement of their ancestors…is kind of a fucking idiot. Plus, hasn’t every single race been oppressed and enslaved, at some point, by other races? You can’t just pigeonhole one instance of oppression and ignore all the other instances as if they’re null and void.

I mean really, what a bunch of limp wristed cry babies we have in this generation. Thin skinned to the point of hourly outrage, most of it completely misplaced. These self-important idealists will constantly throw around cliched Tumblr rhetoric in some haphazard attempt at creating some Utopian fantasy that will likely never actually exist. And in the process they draw far more lines of division in the sand than the very racists they scrutinize ever did.


Social justice is the antithesis of racism. But ironically, it has the same exact effects.


A lot of people might call me a racist, or intolerant, for this very rant you’re reading. They’d be wrong. I find racism just as ridiculous as the SJW movement. Again, they are at opposite sides of the spectrum, but ironically cause the same issues in society. Namely, keeping people divided on petty non-issues, hating the wrong people for the wrong reasons while the people figuratively forcibly fist-fucking them into an existence of debt slavery laugh all the way to the (international) bank(ing cartel).

If you really look at the pitfalls of society, the only inequality that people should truly be concerned with is class equality. All other issues (racism, sexism, etc) are created by (and are a distraction from) class inequality. A way to keep everyone hating each other over nonsense, divided and easily controlled. And who gives a fuck if someone is racist, really? Why be offended by their racism at all? Just ignore them and realize their opinion is narrow-minded, invalidated by their own inability to see the human race as a collective. It’s only when racists hold a position of power that it becomes problematic. The ruling elite see all of us as peasants regardless of our color of skin, cultural background or who we take to our bedrooms.

So social justice warriors, why not take a few pulls of some strong, dank, medicinal grade cannabis and chill the fuck out? Social justice should have one main focus – infiltrating government and inspiring positive change through the deconstruction of wage and debt slavery. Everything else is just playing right back into the elites hand, keeping us divided and hating each other.


Jon of the Shred is the creator of the Scythe universe, a record label with an on-going conceptual story. He is also the sole Sweet Funky Freedom writer.

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