Source Close To Shawn Lucas: His Death “Has Us Completely Freaked Out”


Last Tuesday, Shawn Lucas, the man who processed and served the DNC (Democrat National Committee) with a lawsuit, alleging fraud and favoritism against the Bernie Sanders’ campaign, was found dead on his bathroom floor.

The details of his death are unknown as the Washington D.C. Metro Police Department awaits autopsy results. He was only 38 years old.

Here’s a video showing Shawn Lucas serving the DNC:

In late July, WikiLeaks, leaked several emails from DNC officials. What was leaked was quite disturbing. The emails revealed that status quo officials had no desire for a Bernie Sanders nomination. It showed clear bias and favoritism for Hillary Clinton and even plots to destroy the Sanders campaign. Needless to say, even the corporate media knew that this leak was juicy and damning. Bad enough that it led to the resignation of the ghastly looking, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

However, last week, rumors began circulating online that there could be a possible connection with Shawn Lucas, the lawsuit, and the emails. Did Lucas know too much?

Or was he just a process-server, that happened to die mysteriously?

A source, whose husband knew Lucas for 15 years, disagrees. While she isn’t going on the record, and deeming this a murder, she told me that nobody close to Shawn, including her husband, has been told much about his death.

“My husband has known Shawn for 15 years. He passed away but nobody was saying how. I looked it up and all this stuff started coming up. Completely freaked us out. Now I’m all paranoid because I stumped for Bernie,” she wrote.

Shawn was very popular and loved among his industry friends and business associates.  He also appeared to live a straight narrow life, according to the source.  “Never into drugs, but I’m sure that how it will be spun.”

“My husband knew him casually as someone in the same industry as him. He was an MC and had a dance music event company called MCSL,” She Added.

There’s a reason to be paranoid, especially when you are involved in political matters and are politically active. There have been many others, who have died mysteriously and suddenly. First off all, you don’t mess with the Clinton camp, just ask Vince Foster. And, New York Times just released an article questioning, “Can We Trust Assange?”

In this country, it can’t be refuted that our media tends to attack the integrity and character of those who are simply trying to expose the wrongdoings of government and the elected. So much for transparency, anyone with the balls big enough to release provocative information or documents of corruption can be chased away to another continent and left to live a life of cat and mouse. Just ask Julian Assange and Eddie Snowden.

“He was generally loved by everyone and known as an all-around nice guy. My husband and none of our mutual friends ever remember him having drug problems or enemies,” the source stated.

Or did he? It’s still early to draw conclusions, and we most certainly need the autopsy results, but as my source reiterated twice, this guy didn’t have any drug problems. He didn’t even have enemies, at least before the lawsuit was served. The video above demonstrates a man who was happy and a passion for his work. He had a lot going for him.

As friends and colleagues await the autopsy results, questions and rumors will continue to linger over the death of yet another activist.

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