The Walking Dead Goes With 16 Panel Grids To Start The Whisperer War

Rather than crank out double the issues like it did during the All Out War storyline, The Walking Dead will be featuring 16 panel grids in its monthly issues during The Whisperer War arc.

The new arc kicked off today and featured several 16 panel grids throughout its 32-pages, offering more story in one issue than any in recent memory. Issue #157 unveiled the new style of storytelling, marking an eventful kickoff to the brutal pages ahead.

 “So you may have noticed this issue looked a little different,” editor Sean Mackiewicz says in the Letter Hacks section of the most recent issue. “Or maybe it took you five extra minutes to read it. Robert and Charlie are packing so much into this arc, they’re using a 16-panel grid, so the storytelling is more dense and action-packed.”

“Yeah, I love 16-panel grids,” The Walking Dead‘s writer and creator Robert Kirkman adds. “My Irredeemable Ant-Man series at Marvel was based on a 16-panel grid, and I’ve done random issues of other series, like Invincible, in this style before. It’s a lot of extra work (for everyone involved, least of all me), but I think it’s really cool and is a great way to do a manageably dense issue. I think it started with Dark Knight Returns, but I’m sure that’s probably just the most well known example. For those who don’t know, or haven’t noticed… it doesn’t mean each page has 16 panels, but each page is designed on the grid, and larger panels are made by combining multiple panels on the grid into larger panels.”

The final page truly featured 16 different panels, each showcasing a character in the current state. “Everyone featured on this last page will have drastically different lives five issues from now,” Mackiewicz teased. “If they’re still living…”

The page in reference saw several of the core characters, including Dwight, Gabriel, Andrea, Negan, Jesus, Eugene and Rick. We won’t get into spoilers about where they are to start the Whisperer War – if you want to know, The Walking Dead #157 is on shelves now.


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