Creepy Joe Biden Groping Kids Is More Than Disgusting


For a long time, people have been sharing around creepy videos of US Vice President Joe Biden(or as I like to call him ‘Uncle Creepy’) groping and trying to kiss young girls during and after events. Mostly anyone who has seen one of these has seen a few, I am sure of it.

It has always been alarming.

Now let’s think about this, go ahead and put yourself in one of those video clips as a parent. How do you handle that? There certainly is NO WAY in hell or on this planet for that matter that I would be okay with his presence around my children. Ever.

In the first video clip, in all honesty I cannot  truly make out everything he is saying. It does sound very similar to what the subtitles suggest though. I put on my headphones(I have a superb pair of studio headphones) and I could hear it much better. The issue with this, is the fact that sometimes we may hear what we want to hear and it can sometimes be hard to decipher what is truly being said. So keep that in mind while you watch the video below.

No, I am not trying to be fair with such a disgusting human being either, just so you know.   


BUT then again, look at how fast her mother’s demeanor changed after he whispered in her daughter’s ear. The woman looks disgusted and frightened and looks like she wants to get the hell out of there. The father gave a more than obvious fake laugh and almost looks frightened and intimidated. Now watch the compilation below.




With that being said, considering all the groping and weird looks the parents give ‘Uncle Creepy’ Joe Biden, there’s most definitely something very odd and creepy going on and I think more people should be discussing this. It just shows the power of the elite, or the power they think they have. That also happens to be power we allow them to have. Please feel free to share this around, making things like this go viral is a good step in the right direction!

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Chris Perkins

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