Right Wing Press Credit Assange with Trump Victory as Supporters Call for Presidential Pardon

In the wake of last Wednesday’s banner headline across the flagship publication of UK based Express Newspapers declaring ”Wikileaks email shows Clinton ‘sealed her OWN FATE’ in plot to make Donald Trump her rival’, Trump’s supporters in the United States have called for the newly elected President to pardon Julian Assange in an array of Twitter storms across the internet. Britain’s ‘Daily Express’, the former Jewel in the Crown of Lord Beaverbrook’s legendary newspaper empire, whose readership firmly supports Britain’s ‘Hard Brexit’ from the European Union, not to mention UK Trump associate Nigel Farage, was the first major publication to openly credit Wikileaks with preventing Hilary Clinton from being elected to Presidential Office that Tuesday night.

According to a leaked Clinton Campaign memo, referred to in depth in the article, the Democrat candidate described Trump, Cruz and Carson as “Pied Piper candidates”, who she intended to make “unpalatable to a majority of the electorate” by means of a well coordinated campaign strategy. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the on-line publication of no fewer than 56,000 emails from John Podesta’s private gmail account between October 7 and November 9, Hilary Clinton’s Presidential bid appears to have been done irreparable damage. However, when asked that Thursday by users of Reddit as to why Wikileaks had decided to publish large numbers of documents relating to Mrs. Clinton before, during and after the vote, whilst ignoring her rival pretty much completely, a spokesman for the website’s editorial team had made it clear that transparency had been their ultimate aim; and that they were not seeking to get any one specific candidate elected.

In spite of this though, some of Trump’s more high profile supporters, in Activists’ Circles at least, were calling as early as Wednesday for the newly elected President to pardon Assange. Hot on the heels of the so called ‘Alpha Playboy’, Christian McQueen, who had tweeted at 6:19 AM Wednesday morning that one of the first things that Trump should do was ‘Get Julian Assange out of that embassy’, the former Bernie Sanders supporter Cassandra Fairbanks had waded into the on-line discussion. That evening at 8:20 PM, as the dust from the previous few hours was gradually beginning to settle, she had declared, unequivocally, that ‘Trump should really pardon Julian Assange’, before continuing that ‘His forcing of transparency and fearlessness may have saved us from Clinton’s WWIII.’

Once a regular contributor to famed Alternative Media website ‘The Free Thought Project’, Cassandra Fairbanks had courted considerable controversy by coming out as an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders, before switching her allegiance from Democrat to Republican in the aftermath of the Clinton nomination; whilst simultaneously telling her army of social media followers to vote for Trump. It should therefore come as little surprise then that she has since had a number of highly contentious accusations directed at her personally. Most controversial of these perhaps, in view of the fact that she has been one of the first to call for the recently elected Republican President to use his newly acquired Presidential powers to pardon the fugitive Julian Assange, is that she herself is part of the self same Surveillance State apparatus that Assange and his collaborators have campaigned so vociferously against.

In an article headed ‘Snitch Alert: Brandon Darby Will Be at RNC Filming Protesters with Former FTP Protester Cassandra Fairbanks’, posted on the Medium Daily Digest website back in July by the Anonymous affliated Anarchist @Anonrchy, the writer accused Fairbanks directly of being linked to an FBI informant. If true, these allegations would appear to suggest that a trap may be being laid for Assange even now. And, the principal pawns in the game appear to be the very people who his attempts to create transparency in the recent Presidential contest seem to have helped the most. So far no legal action has been taken by either Fairbanks or her associate Brandon Darby to have the post removed, so one must assume that either they have insufficient financial means in order to do so, or the allegations are indeed true. As to whether or not this is genuinely the case however remains to be seen.

Whatever the truth, or lack of it, in any of the accusations presently being directed at Fairbanks, Mr. Assange might do well to remain safely in his current refuge regardless of whether or not a Presidential pardon is forthcoming. Given the fact that the Electoral College has yet to come to a decision with regard to the final outcome of this Election, whilst Donald Trump is still in the process of being dragged through the courts in connection with the affair of the so called ‘Trump University, not to mention the Schneiderman Investigation, there is no absolute guarantee that the President Elect is actually going to remain President for very long.






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