Leak: “Spirit Cooking”John Podesta Invited to Occult Rituals


Leak: “Spirit Cooking” John Podesta Invited to Occult Rituals

You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s the Elite. It’s the “Illuminati”— right in your face.

Culpepper Adams,
November 4, 2016

In a recent Wikileaks e-mail release, it has been uncovered that apparently the Podesta family is involved in bizarre Occult Rituals. A woman by the name of Marina Abramovic is behind the disturbing practice known as “Spirit Cooking.”

Spirit Cooking Pictures of occult ritual
“Spirit Cooking” Bizarre Occult Ritual

This isn’t the first time someone from the upper echelons of government has been invited to attend a dark, ritualistic practice. In fact, Alex Jones apparently weaseled his way into the so-called “Bohemian Grove” over a decade ago. While he was there he caught on camera a ritual known as the “Cremation of Care Ceremony,” which is carried out in front of thousands of powerful people — even past and future Presidents.

The recent e-mail release is just another of many small peaks into the strange, dark world the elite’s live in.

For decades, it has been suspected and even exposed from time to time, that some of the worlds most powerful people are interconnected and part of a super-secret cult-like organization called the Illuminati, with a historically proven past. That is not too say this particular e-mail exchange proves they do exist, though it does once again prove that people in power tend to be drawn to things that creep the average person out.

spirit cooking illuminati

Events like the release of the Podesta e-mails expose, and suggests a casual undertaking of such bizarre activity happens regularly. We have attached a link at the bottom of this article that breaks down the e-mail, and provides more information on “Spirit Cooking.”

View at your own risk.

Click here to see the original Reddit post that breaks down the e-mail in question

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