Mystery Plane Baffles NORAD, Officials Report “It Never Landed”

Mystery Plane Baffles NORAD, Officials Report “It Never Landed”

– Mystery Plane Flew Over Denver Airspace, Including Military

– Plane was Exhibiting Circular Motion

– The Plane Never Reported to Air-Traffic Controllers, Despite Flying Over Military Airspace

– Plane Never Reported as Landed; NORTHCOM & STRATCOM Puzzled

– “May Have Refueled While in Air”

Culpepper Adams

November 17, 2016


Denver Colorado is home to one of the most infamous mysteries in recent times. The Underground City, that is located under the Denver International Airport.

The Denver Airport is one of the largest in the region, and has some very out of place symbols and occult-like paintings and statues. Many people believe there is a massive, super secret underground city that houses anything from the command center of the shadow government, to an Alien and Human co-operative Military base.

However, as of yesterday there is yet another mystery that relates to an airport. It is referred to as IRON99, the Mystery Plane that circled Denver Airspace, and then disappeared with no sign of ever landing.

The Mystery Plane had been reported by thousands of people in the Denver Metro area, who watched as it expelled a massive “con-trail.” The plane, called IRON99, came from the Pacific Coast and flew over the Rocky Mountains, until it started to circle the Denver Metro area in a “holding pattern,” if you will.

Mystery Plane flight path from Pacific
Denver7 Photo of Mystery Plane Flight Path

The problem with this plane, starts with its name IRON99. The name IRON is frequently given to Military Planes that come from the Northeastern part of the Country, and it is usually designated to the deep black T-38’s.


Mystery Plane Over Denver
Denver7 Photo of IRON99 Flight Pattern

It appears the Mystery Plane did communicate with the U.S. Army, however there are no public communications.

Mystery Plane toward Oklahoma never landed
Denver7 photo Mystery Plane Never Landed

The original report from Denver7, show that NORTHCOM and STRATCOM are both puzzled by the flight, and say there was no record of the aircraft ever landing. Even stranger, NORAD could not identify or even locate the plane.


We will continue to investigate the reports and keep an eye on comments from military officials. However, these types of events are often buried, forgotten about, and often belittled as nothing more than ‘just a plane.’

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