Breaking News: Trump Win Staged? The Fix that Could Help Clinton Become President


Breaking News: Trump Win Staged? The Fix that Could Help Clinton Become President

Electoral Could Help Clinton Become President !!

Culpepper Adams,
November 10, 2016

It has never been done before in history, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be done. As many news outlets are starting to report, believe it or not Hillary Clinton could still become President.

Were you wondering why Hillary Clinton was so reluctant to give a concession speech? Could it be that, she was just as shocked as anyone else that she didn’t get her Electoral Votes?

Could it be that she knew the entire Election (even the events that at the time, had yet to unfold), were part of a grand deception and agenda?

The New World Order Elites, (yes, we’re using that term) will stop at nothing to dismantle the United States. Whether it’s using Trump to carry out their agenda, or putting the agenda on autopilot with a criminal tyrant like Hillary Clinton, they will stop at nothing.

Part of the Agenda

The Agenda is clear.

Never ending division and a feeling of disparity, hopelessness, and victimization across the country is their aim. It is already being reported that there is strong evidence the riots taking place a across the country are once again being funded by George Soros.
soros funds riots clinton still become president
It seems this was the plan all along. That is, allow the election to result in a Trump win, causing a chain reaction of localized riots, reinforced by celebrity voices claiming the world is ending and the sky is falling. Next, massive riots ensue, and a militarized police response becomes warranted as thousands take to the streets and become violent.

This was the plan all along, and at this point, it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone to see “them” pull this off.

It’s not “the democrats” or “the liberals” doing this. This, if by the slight chance it becomes a reality, is another blatant example that the people in charge of this country are nearly invincible, and can manipulate the largest and in some sense, the most important events.

We will just have to wait and see what happens with the Electoral, and if the game is rigged, and she does in fact, become President.

Here’s how Hillary Clinton can still become President.

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