Breaking: President Elect Trump Stuffs Cabinet Full of CFR War Hawks


Breaking: President Elect Trump Stuffs Cabinet Full of CFR War Hawks

CFR member & war-hawk KT McFarland selected by President Elect Trump for National Security Team

Culpepper Adams

November 28, 2016

To all of those people out there who made completely bogus claims like “Trump is anti-establishment,” or “trump is anti New World Order,” you are wrong. Again.

The latest Breaking news regarding President Elect Donald Trump shows once again that he is just another puppet by extension of the Henry Kissinger, CFR crew. “boom, boom. bump, bump, bump goes the war drums!”

Team Trump announced today that he is selecting KT McFarland as a member of his National Security Team.

McFarland was a former spokeswoman in the Pentagon during the Reagan era and served in the Nixon and Ford administrations. She also ran for a spot in the New York Senate, a seat that was held by Hillary Clinton in 2006 until she was defeated by her Republican rival John Spencer.

Furthermore, McFarland is openly Hawkish when it comes to global Islamic Terrorism. In the past, she has often criticized Obama for not being “serious enough” when it comes to combating terrorism.

With the CFR now gaining multiple avenues into the Presidency, it is clear now that trump is just another establishment Elitist. It seems likely he will continue the agenda of globalization, and never ending foreign war. With an already stacked Cabinet of New World Order stooges., it won’t be much of a surprise now if Trump selects a Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani.

War Drums?

It seems pretty obvious where this next administration is headed already. War.

Just after the US election, the real winners were actually not noted in the Mainstream Media. So, who were the real winners?

If you guessed Defense contractors, you are correct!

Lockheed Martin Corp. shares gained 6%. Raytheon Co. added 7.5%, and Northrop Grumman Corp. advanced 5.4%, as both hit all-time highs. Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc. led the charge with a rise of 11.4%.

Lockheed martin stock chart rise trump win

With Trump’s ear to Hawkish advisers and a sure Henry Kissinger connection, and an overall depleted stagnation in Congress, you bet the war drums are going to begin beating. Despite a surge of Social media disinformation about Trump Presidency “ending World War 3,” the truth is the cards are being stacked in favor of another War, or at the very least, aims at Iran.


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