Breaking: Trump Tower Evacuated Due to Childrens Toys


Breaking: Trump Tower Evacuated, “Suspicious Package” Was Bag of Children’s Toys


Police have evacuated Trump Tower due to reports of a “suspicious package.” The package, turned out to be children’s toys.

Andrew Pontbriand

December 27, 2016


Just days after a package was found in Trump Tower that caused an evacuation, another package was found.

According to reports, police went forward with evacuations of Trump Tower once again. However, hold on to your hats folks, the so-called suspicious package was simply a bag full of children’s toys.

Apparently in fear everything America, the Police State that exists has taught us that any bag left anywhere is a cause for concern.

You can now go back to your day, as the fear mongering and paranoia from the media was only brief this time.

I guess a bag of toys is enough to cause an evacuation of Trump Tower and the immediate response is that a terror attack could be developing. This dangerous pattern of a need for overwhelming amounts of security and a giant police response continues to push America over the line of freedom vs. security.

For now, Trump Tower has been given the “all clear.”


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