Thousands of ‘Mysterious Jello Alien’ Creatures Appear on Beaches

Thousands of ‘Mysterious Jello Alien’ Creatures Appear on Beaches

Distract the Media | December 2, 2016

Mysterious Jello Alien creatures have been appearing on California beaches by the thousands.

The creatures were first spotted on Huntington Beach.

A local, Ryan Rustan, wrote that he was walking on the shoreline Monday night when he felt “little water balloons popping under my feet, super squishy.”

bob jelly blob alien disney
This article reminds us of the Jello, or Jelly-like animated character BOB!, from Monsters vs. Aliens!

He had posted pictures on the Huntington Beach Community forum on Facebook. His post launched a slew of speculations.

“Couldn’t tell if they were jellyfish or eggs but there are thousands up and down the beach,” Rustan wrote on Facebook, sharing the post to the Huntington Beach Community Forum group.

The creatures appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and seemed to have been trying to burrow in the sand.

A number of commentators on the posts believe they are Salps, which are a type of invertebrate marine animal. Some simply called them “creepy sea creatures,” while others speculated they were alien life forms.

Huntington Marine Safety Lt. Claude Panis, who has worked for the lifeguard department for nearly 40 years, told the Orange County Register he wasn’t exactly sure what the mysterious jelly creatures were; however, he said it was possible that they were a lingering effect of last years El Niño.

“There’s all kinds of weird things happening,” Panis told the local newspaper, noting that was not the only unusual occurrence in the Huntington Beach area.

With social media at our fingertips and technology enabling us to tape live events from anywhere, these mysterious events seem to happen more and more. In another case of ‘citizen journalism,’ an event that may have never been heard outside of California is making national news. Whether or not this creature is even a “mystery,” it is still exciting to see people remain open to mysteries like this.

Nobody has had a definitive answer as to what these ‘mysterious jelly alien creatures’ are.

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