Is Democracy Becoming Less Popular? Half of America Doesn’t Vote

Is Democracy Becoming Less Popular? Half of America Doesn’t Vote

  • Democracy Becoming Less Popular Among Millennials & people under the age of 50
  • According to the Journal of Democracy
  • A trend developing in Western Countries

Andrew Pontbriand | December 1, 2016

Americans (especially millennials) are increasingly losing confidence in the system. Is Democracy Becoming Less Popular?

In the mid 1800’s the age of politics in America was born.

Post Civil War America was literally a brand new country, with fundamental differences at the very core of the principles of law, morality, and society.

Through this the age of the left-right paradigm began to grow, as early parties such as the Whigs, the Liberty Party, and the Free-Soiler’s were absorbed by the Republicans or Democrats and/or faded away altogether.

By the Mid-1860’s major political parties began to grow for the first time ever, as the Northern Democrats, Southern Democrats, Republicans, and Constitutional-Unionists made up the four major parties.

During these times Americans were heavily engaged in politics. History shows in the decades before the Civil War, nearly half of the country voted. This percentage though cannot be used to compare to today, as neither blacks nor women could vote. Nonetheless, in the 1828, 1832, and 1836 elections 55-57% of eligible voters voted. Then, from 1840 – 1904, at least 65.4% of the [eligible voter] population voted. During that time period the highest voter turnout was in the 1876 elections with 81.8%.

The numbers hovered in the low 60 – 70% range (with some years dipping into the 50% range) all the way through the Industrial Revolution, until drastically falling to about 49.2% in the “rolling 20’s.”

NOTE: The 1920 US Election was the first election women had the right to vote in all 48 States! With that being said, it is interesting to note the huge drop in voter turnout! Furthermore, the 1924 US election was even lower, at 48.9%!

Then there is the Present

According to the Journal on Democracy, fewer people believe “fair and free elections are essential.” A staggering claim, considering as I write this article there are still many thousands of people protesting the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. This very statement however provides some incite as to the why. Why are people losing faith?

It is no secret that American has been degenerating into a society of rapid consumerism, uncontrollable debt, and societal distractions from reality at every corner. If you look back throughout history, this is a very common theme with dying Empire’s. A  society in decline loses it’s moral values slowly over time, and becomes focused on trivial matters. This is something that has happened with civilization and empire’s for thousands of years.

Another common theme with dying Empire’s is a rise in tyranny. As for America, this is a clear and present threat.

Many young Americans feel the US elections are either rigged or faulty when it comes to the Electoral College.

The larger problem though is as tyranny has risen in America over the last 30 years, the interest in freedom has declined. This is an alarming fact that perpetuates both sides of the problem exponentially. In other words, the more people (especially young people) lose interest in basic freedom’s, the more easily tyranny can grow up around us.

Democracy becoming less popular with millennials
A chart by the Journal of Democracy showing the decline of interest in freedom

As noted in the chart above, freedom, voting and Democracy are all becoming less popular. This coincides with the “decline of morality” and the degeneration of society, as both are related.

So what about Democracy?

The belief in a so-called Democracy is not the only thing keeping freedom alive. In fact, personal and individual freedom are far more important. Civil processes like voting may seem out-dated in many young peoples’ minds’ and may actually be skewing the data collected.

As a 27 year old who is a huge proponent of individual and natural rights, I don’t believe a “democratic” process is the be all and end all in America. To me, the notion that Democracy is becoming less popular isn’t so important. In fact, in some ways it is the antithesis of individual freedom. Think of two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner!

In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the interest of 3rd party candidates such as Ron Paul. A revolution of sorts, the Ron Paul Liberty movement captivated millions of young people and turned them on to the ideas of true freedom.

Then of course, the very process of so-called “Democracy” in America kept the favorite candidate among young voters off the ballot and out of debates. This underlines the fact that US elections and the process itself is corrupt, rigged, and all-too full of outside manipulation. No wonder why so many Americans no longer vote.

All in all, one thing is very clear. We are in extremely momentous times, and it is apparent that the current system, as over-run with corruption and tyranny as it is, is seen as a threat to many.

The reasons for low voter turnout in recent times compared to in the past are likely for much different reasons, and the report by the Journal of Democracy is in a way missing the point. Although there is also no doubt society IS degenerating and has placed morals on the back-burner, there are still millions of engaged young people who don’t partake in voting because they don’t want to consent to the very real authoritarian government and tyrannical laws it has created.

So is Democracy becoming less popular? The question should be, how do we get young people to realize freedom is the single most important part of life!?


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