The Flat Earth Theory Debunked, The Complete Guide

The Flat Earth Theory Debunked, The Complete Guide

For your reference, we offer to you a definitive guide on a subject that has distracted for far too long. This is the Flat Earth Theory Debunked.

Andrew Pontbriand

January 2, 2016

The world we live in is a truly fantastic place. Whether you are religious, spiritual, indifferent, or an atheist, the wonders of the universe and the earth itself are mind bending. Although modern science has answered some of the oldest questions man has asked, there are some we may never know the answer to.

Then, there are theories. Some have substance, and some are outlandish. Like, the Flat Earth Theory. We say outlandish, because it doesn’t matter which point of view you hold, or what your world-view is. The theory that the Earth is flat, is one that mathematics, ancient texts, and even the naked eye have debunked many times.

Although this article does offer you many resources, links, videos, and our own commentary, we must state for the record we do not intend to belittle or slander anyone who questions any official story. It is always good to question history, news, and even [some] science. It is true science has been wrong before, and advanced sciences like quantum-mechanics and relativity have been developing since they were first introduced.

The Flat Earth Theory just doesn’t fit into an area of questioning. We agree, the theory itself is interesting, and many videos and explanations are fun and exciting, however, the massive distraction and misguided narrative created just amounts to a lot of time and energy wasted on a conspiracy that serves absolutely nobody. (Unless you get millions of YouTube views on the theory you present)

This brings us to our first part:

The “Conspiracy” 

The first part of this section would be to first ask a question. In any case of a conspiracy, an investigator would probably say, cui bono? Of course, a worldwide conspiracy perpetuated by a small number of people would be done for some sort of benefit, right?

This is the case with the New World Order/powers that be after all – they have created a world of debt slaves and they’re siphoning the wealth out of every country on the planet. With that said, what, whom, and how does one benefit(s) by lying about the earth’s shape?

We spent much time looking for a source of the “who benefits” question. In all honesty, there is no real culprit. In other words, the flat earth theory has grown immensely over the last year and a half(although it has been around in some form for hundreds of years), and not a single person can pinpoint a single source as to the perpetrators of the lie, or the beneficiaries of it. This is a big problem. For reference, see below:

Example 1: The Federal Reserve Banking Conspiracy

Culprits: World Bankers

Victims: The American People

Beneficiaries: World Bankers:

Reasoning: World Bankers over hundreds of years have gained control of/over central governments through central banking. What has resulted is an extremely small number of very powerful families that control most of the worlds money and resources. The people are now debt slaves to the world banks, and in essence, private property and natural rights have gone by the wayside.

In this example, which is the most obvious and well-known, is that of central banking. It isn’t just the Federal Reserve either, but thats neither here nor there. The point is, this is a real conspiracy that has taken place, and was executed very patiently, over a long period of time, and there are identifiable perpetrators and victims. We can pinpoint the reason for the conspiracy as well as the actual people involved.

With the so-called flat earth theory – it is basically non-existent. This in and of itself is enough to debunk the theory because if there are no string pullers, then the only explanation would be that the theory was cherry picked and cleverly assembled and disseminated by means of YouTube, social media platforms, and the like. — This is the most obvious of explanations without even using a shred of mathematics, science, or common sense. From an investigative standpoint, this would be enough to decide not to move further in an investigation of a topic because it lacks substance.

But — we will go further.

Science, Math, and Common-sense

The Flat Earth Theory suggests that mainstream science, history, and common sense are wrong.

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, this author and this website is not a mainstream website. The fact of the matter is that worldwide conspiracies and agendas by “the powers that be,” exist. There is certainly truth to that.

However, if one was to propose that the flat earth theory is one such conspiracy, then this lie would have gone back to the Sumerians, the Greeks, and the Ancient Egyptians. Furthermore, mainstream religion itself would have had to lie about a lie and then admit it and lie again. What would be the logical point to this?

Remember, there doesn’t seem to be any beneficiary to this conspiracy, so why would the most powerful people on the planet change their standpoint to go along with it if it didn’t benefit them? Like the math used by Flat Earther’s, it doesn’t add up.

A Few Basic Points that Debunk the Flat Earth Theory

If you are currently a believer in the flat earth theory, we have a challenge for you. We challenge you to actually do your own research. Go out into the world and conduct your own experiments based on physics itself. If you’re being intellectually honest, and what you find doesn’t disprove any and all flat earths theories, I suggest you look for help. However, I am quite certain this will not be the case.

Generally speaking, I have found that those who perpetuate the position of the flat earth theory have two things in common, or two things tend to be true. Number 1, they have a vested interest (a monetized YouTube video with millions of views = $$$) or they have been spewing out [dis]information for a long time, and are not realizing it is okay to be wrong sometimes. Science has been wrong before, and since science is merely a tool to understand the world around us, it does develop as understanding(s) improve.

Imagine that!? Sometimes, people are just plain wrong! That’s okay! Human’s are imperfect creatures, as long as we learn and grow from it. It is when someone is faced with pure evidence and fact, and still denies it, that a problem occurs.

So, with that being said, we wanted to make a few basic points clear regarding the flat earth theory for your reference. These few points are probably the best as they can be easily tested and tried, and should really put an end to the flat earth theory itself.

1. The Coriolis Effect (Force) – Most notable and easiest to underatand in the point of view of a Snpier, as many have pointed out. please do your research on the Coriolis force as it related to the Earth, and this fact alone will leave the Flat Earth Theory Debunked.

2. Moon Orientation – Very simply, how the moon appears in relation to where you are located. If you are on the northern hemisphere, the moon appears one way. If you are in the southern hemisphere, the moon will appear to be flipped or the opposite at the very moment that the other observer (if you could be two places at once) looks at it.

3. Gravity – Simply put, gravity can’t exist with the flat earth theory, or at least in the way we understand it. Even if gravity was “different” though, it still wouldn’t work. There are literally thousands of sources that prove gravity exists, and there are hundreds of ways to prove it. Though, the Flat Earthers often have to point to the fact that they believe NASA and the governments of the world with their space programs are all fake.

While we do acknowledge it is very likely there are hoaxes, lies, and cover-ups related to space and space flight technology, there are dozens of videos NASA has produced that demonstrate the validity of gravity that could not have been faked (at the time). (This is shown in Video 3 below.)

Below, is a series of short video’s (given that I am not a mathematician or scientist) that lay the Flat Earth Theory to rest. The Flat Earth Theory has been debunked, over and over again, however, the next time your friend tells you he/she has found “proof” we’re all being lied to, just show them this article. Yes, an independent media website that acknowledges many so-called “conspiracies” perpetuated by “The New World Order” does not acknowledge the flat earth lie.



1. 10 Flat Earth Arguments Debunked: The following video is independent from both independent AND mainstream media. The video was made by a young man who easily and logically debunks the most common flat earths arguments.


2. Is Earth Actually Flat?:  If you are looking for something that, well you know… uses science, logic, reasoning, mathematics, demonstrations, visual concepts, graphic simulators, and the whole sh-bang – look no further!

If I was asked to find a go-to-video that isn’t boring or totally one sided, I would chose the video from Vsauce. Entertaining and extremely informative, this video is exactly what you came here to see. The Flat Earth Theory Debunked.

3. Flat Earth & NASA Hoax Debunk SLAMDUNK: And a slamdunk it is. This is another video that leaves the viewer in a state of well, belief. That is because, science and facts tend to be quite believable, unless you have a vested interest in your belief.

Here is a list of additional resources that forever leave the Flat Earth Theory Debunked. Thank you for reading and watching, and please give credit to the authors and editors of the video’s we linked to!

1. Flat Earth & Fake NASA Conspiracy COMPLETELY Debunked into Oblivion – Case Closed Forever (RIP)

2. Consequences of Living on a Sphere

3. Earth Curvature Refraction Experiments 

4. Proving the Earth is Not Flat – Part 1

   – Part 2

   – Part 3

5. Top 10 Reasons Why We Know The Earth is Round

6. Earth Curvature Calculator

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