Putin and Lavrov Denounce MI6 Fabricated Trump Dossier

Vladimir Putint refers to the authors of the dossier as 'worse than prostitutes'.


Last night Distract the Media published a number of hitherto overlooked facts connecting a specific MI6 document that recently surfaced in connection with the Trump Dossier’s original author, Chris Steele, to a cadre of high flying politicians, intelligence operatives and international businessmen previously linked to regime change in the Middle East. Just a few hours ago the Guardian newspaper published a savage attack on Steele and his former MI6 comrades from Vladimir Putin, in which the Russian President referred to the authors of the dossier as ‘worse than prostitutes’.

The response from Putin had followed hot on the heels of an earlier statement, likewise reported by the same newspaper, in which the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, had spoken of the dossier as a “crude provocation” whilst simultaneously referring to its author as a “fugitive crook from MI6”. As the uproar that has erupted around the document in recent days continues to cause serious repercussions in the sphere of international relations, another major scandal with possible ramifications for the international covert power group known generally as ‘Le Circle’, which itself came under scrutiny in our previous article, is now taking centre stage.

Also reported widely in the quality press earlier in the day was the recent ruling by the UK Supreme Court that the former Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, as well as certain present and former operatives working for the Secret Intelligence Service MI6, could face court action over their direct participation in the 2004 kidnapping of the Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his wife. Of additional relevance, under the circumstances, is that since the events described in the judgement took place Straw has himself been implicated in yet another major political scandal; after he was caught in a journalistic sting by the makers of a Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ documentary; resulting in accusations of ‘impropriety’ and bringing the House of Commons into disrepute from ‘The Daily Telegraph’.

Although the allegations against Straw were later dismissed by the UK Parliament’s Commissioner for Standards in September 2015, his fellow traveler in the scandal, former Tory Secretary of State for Defence Sir Malcolm Rifkind, was forced to resign as Chairman of Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee in the wake of the so called ‘Cash for Access Affair’ going public. As will be noted from our previous article, the Intelligence and Security Committee, which he headed between 6 July 2010 and 24 February 2015, has close ties to ‘Le Cercle’, a revelation which is borne out by the fact that Jack Straw’s successor as Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, who then went on to head the Intelligence and Security Committee between January and October 2008, has herself been accredited by the Intelligence and Security website ‘Wikispooks’ with membership of ‘Le Cercle’ too.

As readers will also have gathered from our previous article, Rifkind’s predecessor at the Ministry of Defence Tom King, who he was to succeed in the post between 10 April 1992 and 5 July 1995, headed the department during the controversial cover up of a report into the notorious Al-Yamamah Arms Deals. King, our readers will recall, has likewise been linked not only to Chris Steele, but also to a number of prominent members of ‘Le Cercle’ also connected with the Al-Yamamah Arms Deals. Taking this into consideration, it should come as little surprise that under his successor, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the complex series of previously outlined cover ups were to continue.

Of further relevance, with particular reference to today’s newspapers, is the claim in the Independent newspaper that the present round of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the principal beneficiary of the Al-Yamamah Arms Deals, are ‘breeding a new generation of terrorists’. In due course we shall examine another controversial document which may well turn out to connect Chris Steele to some of the principal UK beneficiaries of those very deals. In the meantime, it may also not be uninteresting to note that Sir Malcolm Rifkind is apparently a near relative of the late Sir Leon Brittan: a key figure in the alleged cover up of a Parliamentary Paedophile Scandal which has come under a great deal of scrutiny in the British tabloid press. Unlike the allegations in the Trump Dossier however, most of what has been said and written about this last matter is largely believed to be true.


Photo Credit: The Kremlin via Global Panorama. Creative Commons License.

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