VIRAL: Donald Trump Illegally Appoints NWO Stooge Jared Kushner to Senior Adviser

President Elect Donald Trump has chosen Chabad-Lubavitch Elitist Jared Kushner to be Senior Adviser – which is a violation of Federal law.

Just a few weeks ago, I released a damning special report that detailed the links President Elect Donald Trump had with the Cabal. No, not some conspiracy theory or “right-wing” nonsense, a factual, in your face report. Now, a special “payback” appointment of Jared Kushner reveals the string pullers.

We told you that Donald Trump was under complete control of the Banking Cartel, through his Chabad-Lubavitch Cult connections, which of course come from the Kushner family.

It should be no surprise then that President Elect Trump willingly supported Ivanka Trump’s decision in marriage, with millionaire and Chabad radical Jared Kushner.

Just as we predicted, this behind the scenes game of chess, where the puppet masters carefully control the outcome of world affairs, led to the election of Donald Trump. So, what happened next?

It was announced that young Jared Kushner would be Donald Trumps Senior Adviser, a nomination that is not just ethically wrong, but completely illegal in all 50 states.

Jared Kushner Trump Federal Law

Yes, Donald Trump’s appointment of Kushner not only throws up a huge red flag held by a screaming man shouting: “this is who controls the White House now!” — It is a violation of federal law, and underlines all so-called conspiracies about a complete and total takeover of politics and the US government in general.

So, what will come of this you may ask?

The answer is nothing. The elite are able to meddle in political elections, changing the outcome by any means necessary, and then create a bogus story that Russia was responsible for the meddling; all the whole destroying the free press and the 1st Amendment in one single blow.

If you haven’t read my report on Donald Trumps connections to the elites, you may do so by clicking here. Lastly, if you’re still on the Trump train, even after we’ve warned you a dozen times, you are openly supporting tyranny just as supports of nearly all Presidents since JFK have done.


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