Women’s March On Washington Was For Illogical And Misguided Reasons


As we all know, the new President of the United States was just recently sworn into office. Yes, business mogul and celebrity reality television star Donald Trump is the new king.

And those Liberals cannot stand it. It’s almost comical watching them bitch and moan about the new commander in chief, knowing that they didn’t say a word while Obama was in office. But then again, it’s actually quite appalling. I won’t get too deep into that part right now, I am saving that for my next piece. But while I have your attention….

I’d like to take some of your time to talk about the “Women’s March” that just went on in DC. Now of course the District of Criminals was not the only place where these protests took place as they took place all across the globe, but we will just focus on DC for now as it will paint the bigger picture as a collective.

First off, I know A LOT of activists. I do not know one who took part in that part of the day. That is due to the fact the activists I know have a clue what they are marching for when they march and protest. They also do it for free, they’re not getting paid by these George Soros funded groups to protest. Soros is not paying for their hotel rooms, nor paying for their food and amenities while they stay in DC. No, for the most part they use their own money, that they earned and it’s usually the last of their weekly and even sometimes whatever cash they had for the rest of the month. Other activists help them by donating to help with gas, food, and shelter. These activists ban together and set up places for groups of activists to stay, they pitch in on cheap hotel rooms.

Some of these activists are even journalists in the new media, who oppose the mainstream media and actually deliver us information that is TRUTHFUL. They show proof with photos and video footage to back up their reporting. There are no scripts and there are no actors.

Now that I got that little jab in…

What were all those women marching for? From my understanding, this march wasn’t a protest about the daily bombings oversees on innocent people. It wasn’t about the Federal Reserve stealing money from US citizens daily. It wasn’t about the tragic event we call BenghaziGate. It wasn’t about the countless incriminating emails found connecting Hillary Clinton to countless criminal affairs. It wasn’t about any of the suspicious deaths that surround Bill and Hillary Clinton throughout the years. It wasn’t about the Obama Administration running guns to cartels in Mexico. It wasn’t about the failed ObamaCare program. It wasn’t about Obama’s failure punish Wall Street and the big banks(because he’s in bed with them). It wasn’t about the pervasive surveillance state we’ve endured since Bush Jr. It certainly wasn’t about any one of the NUMEROUS scandals that went on in the 8 years Obama was in office and it definitely wasn’t about the US starting MORE or continuing wars over in the Middle East.

Believe me, there is plenty more to add to that list, but I will also be saving that for my next piece.
So what was it about? According to the interviews I made myself sit through and watch on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News(I know, it’s crazy I didn’t leap off a 300 foot ledge afterwards) these women were marching for their fight for “women’s equality”.

Wait… what?

You mean(sarcasm ahead), we haven’t let women out of the kitchen yet? Is this real? Are they serious? A wage pay gap? Do you have actual definitive proof that the reason why SOME women are paid less is because of gender? If you do, you must send this to me, and I promise to apologize.

Does this mean that anytime a male makes more than a female at the same job that it should be considered gender inequality? It couldn’t possibly be because of the job title? Maybe that job title offers a higher pay wage? Or maybe the male has more skills that are required to do certain jobs? That couldn’t be it? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming there aren’t instances of an employer paying a male more than a female, but it’s not common and certainly shouldn’t be THE thing that got you off your ass to head to DC or your local protest. Good grief! Think about it. Any employer who wants to be successful is going to hire whoever is MOST qualified for the job. So if we have that going on, you mean to tell me that’s gender inequality? You can’t just go around throwing these claims around based off that, because you’re basing everything off assumptions. Protesting off assumptions is ridiculous, very counterproductive, and just completely illogical.

Alright, so gender inequality right? Equal rights is what is wanted, am I correct? When a male and a female get together and make a child, please tell me why it’s ONLY the mother’s decision on whether or not to get an abortion? You don’t think the father should be able to take part in said decision? That’s not equal rights. Why didn’t I see any women marching for that? I know why. It doesn’t fit the agenda.

Staying on that subject, let’s get into child custody. Whether it’s divorce or break up, it is well known the courts side with the mother no matter what for the majority of cases. In most cases the father really has very little say. How do you think that make the father’s who actually want their children around? Is that fair to them? No. Disagreeing with me only makes you a hypocrite. I didn’t see any women marching for that. If I saw that, I’d be more apt to get behind such a “protest”.

The more I think about this, the more I wonder how many women marched the other day and actually knew what they were marching for. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone is marching with giant vaginas on their heads either. Really? First it was dildos, now this? That’s what we are calling effective protests these days? Protesting because the new president said “pussy”?

Please ladies, tell me how you even gathered yourself to leave your safe space to head to your protest. The only thing I can think of is money or to be part of something to make yourself feel those warm and fuzzies. Are you part of any George Soros connected groups? These questions may sound sarcastic to some, but they are real, they are honest questions. Now I’m not accusing every woman who protested of this, so don’t get that twisted. They are questions. This is known to happen. The women who attend these certain protest are mostly part of some group that is some way or another connected to George Soros.

It does make one wonder how all of a sudden these people just hop off their couch, walk out of their comfortable homes and lifestyles to protest issues that are on the bottom part of the list of important things to protest. Yes, I know, who am I to decide what is on the top and bottom half of that list, right?

Actually…. that is exactly what we’re supposed to decide.

So all in all what we have here is a march for women’s equality… and here’s the kicker.

This march is gender exclusive! Yes, you read that right. I don’t understand it either. A gender exclusive protest for equality!

So good job, ladies. You wasted a perfect opportunity to actually do something good… by wearing vaginas and complaining about something that barely exists. This is 2017, not 1917. Get your priorities straight if you want to be taken seriously.

But we can always look at the bright side of this, a lot of men in the US got a day off which by the looks of things, they needed it!

Until next time, folks..

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