Trump Comey Firing: Conspiracy Theories Abound

So was it Russia, Epstein or Exxon? The truth is out there, really out there!


In the wake of President Trump’s sudden sacking of former FBI Director James Comey, speculation still abounds regarding the real reason or reasons for his landmark political decision. With reports in the Guardian claiming that the all pervading ‘Russia thing’ was ‘just part’ of the reasoning behind Comey’s dismissal, reams of related commentary have been churning out of the mainstream media about what is really at the root of the matter, as the Lebedev owned UK Independent points to allegations of ‘high crimes’, which it has attributed to a top Harvard constitutional law professor .

Trump’s original reasoning, behind what was described by his opponents as a ‘Nixonian move’, was blamed first and foremost on Comey’s handling of the investigation into Hilary Clinton’s emails. A matter that Hilary Clinton herself has claimed was the principal cause of her albeit narrow electoral defeat. Other commentators have been less generous, however, blaming it all on what Jonathan Allen, the co-author of a new book entitled “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” has described as a poorly managed and ‘aimless’ election strategy in an interview with Aaron Mate of TRNN.

Since the election result and the subsequent installation of Donald Trump as US President, however, both the defeated Democrats and the incoming Trump administration have sought to blame the same people for their own respective, but very different, problems: James Comey and the so called ‘Russian Wikileaks’. Indeed, in an interview with Christiane Amanpour at a Women for Women International event on May 2nd, Clinton attributed her failure to win the Presidential election to ‘a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28th and Russian WikiLeaks’. And, in a high profile announcement covered extensively on this website and elsewhere back in April, Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the arrest of Julian Assange was now an absolute priority.

Interestingly enough, it was Sessions who was to recommend that Trump sack Comey in the first place. A fact pointed out almost as soon as the decision was announced by the Russian news service RT. Interesting too that one line of inquiry that appears to have escaped the mainstream media’s attention are the connections between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire pedophile behind a child prostitution ring which provided sexual services of an overtly criminal nature to members of the Global Elite; who are said to have included Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. Thus far, the only website that has really picked up on these facts is the cult creative commons Alternative Media outlet Storm Clouds Gathering.

On Friday May 12th Storm Clouds Gathering e-mailed its latest take on the Epstein story to all of its subscribers. In a riveting six minute video Storm Clouds Gathering revealed how, in spite of the gravity of the offences that had been committed, prosecutors ‘agreed not to bring far more serious federal charges against Epstein, and not to charge ‘potential co-conspirators, including four named individuals.’ Elsewhere the website also revealed how ‘Trump’s name came up several times in this case, and in a separate criminal complaint which accused both Epstein and Trump of raping a minor.’

According to Storm Clouds Gathering, the fact that Comey presided over the FBI during the investigation ‘and therefore has access to information that could destroy Trump, Clinton and ultimately a whole gaggle of well placed puppets makes him a liability. Trump’s handlers want Comey replaced with someone who is compromised, and compliant, with a spotless public image.’ These facts in themselves would do much to explain why Trump would go on to fire Comey for ‘actions he once praised‘, in the words of TRNN’s Aaron Mate. Interesting too that the day directly after the decision was made to get rid of Comey, Trump hosted a meeting at the White House at which the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was in attendance.

The audience was granted just a day before Lavrov was due to fly to Alaska to attend the 10th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Fairbanks. And, directly before his discussions with Trump, Lavrov is alleged to have taken part in talks with ex-Exxon boss turned Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who was also one of those in attendance at the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting on Thursday. According to another Alternative Media website, that of Ecowatch, which reported this series of developments which, like the Epstein story, have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, the principal goal of all of these discussions as far as the Trump Administration is concerned is unfettered Russo-US cooperation in the field of Arctic Oil Exploration.

As in the case of James Comey, the Trump Administration has done a complete about face on Wikileaks since the Presidential inauguration. In the wake of threats issued to Comey by Trump in connection with some possible sound recordings of the President’s dialogue with his former FBI Chief, the controversial publishing site has been trolling Trump’s twitter handle with a view to soliciting copies of the above: if they actually exist. In a report compiled by the Washington Post earlier today calls were coming from both sides of the political divide for any such material to be handed over to Congress forthwith. If these are forthcoming we may finally get a glimpse of the real motivation for Trump’s actions of the past few days. If not, the speculation is likely to continue indefinitely.


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