FDA Makes Push To Ban Kratom, The Kratom Community Fights Back

Scott Gottlieb is at it again....


The FDA is once again up to their typical antics, and it’s none other than Scott Gottlieb. Below is the latest email from the American Kratom Association and it’s worth your time.

The “Dark State” FDA bureaucracy has enlisted FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb in their war on kratom.Make no mistake, the FDA staff already knows that kratom is not dangerously addictive, nor is it unsafe when used responsibly by consumers.

They have the science in hand, but they want to bury it so that they can renew their war on dietary supplements and herbal products just like they did back in 1993.

And the truth does not matter to them.

The career staff at the FDA is hell-bent on expanding the regulatory reach into the lives of every American, and kratom is their latest target.

We have to fight back, and we have to expose the FDA Dark State for every lie they are telling right now about kratom.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) did not shirk from the fight that the FDA started on August 31, 2016 when they enlisted the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to try to use their vast emergency powers to schedule kratom.

We won that battle, but every one of us knows how difficult it is to fight the federal bureaucracy.

When the dust settled, one of the leading DEA officials admitted that they thought that the “FDA duped us into doing their dirty work.”

We learned last week that the FDA is back to their dirty tricks and they have sent an 8-Factor Analysis to the DEA that demonizes kratom; claims kratom is directly responsible for 36 deaths; and that kratom is an “analogue of an opioid.”

None of that is true.

TUESDAY 11/28/17
8:00 AM – 4:30 AM ET


WEDNESDAY 11/29/17

THURSDAY 11/30/2017

It is critical that we fight this battle, first with the DEA, and then with the Congress to let them know what the FDA is trying to do. We have to expose the true FDA agenda.

But, first things first.

Beginning at 8 AM Eastern time on Tuesday, and continuing until 4:30 PM Eastern time on Tuesday, we need you to call the Acting DEA Administrator, Robert W. Patterson, and tell him that he should “Double-check the science on the FDA 8-Factor Analysis; it does not add up!”

Please be respectful, but firm. Tell the agent who answers the phone that the American Kratom Association will be sending a report to Administrator Patterson that proves that the FDA 8-Factor Analysis is JUNK SCIENCE.

Tell them that we want Administrator Patterson to double check every claim in that FDA 8-Factor Analysis.

In fact, not a single person has died from kratom use.  It is only when it is mixed in with toxic doses of opioids or other illegal street drugs that people die.

The phone number for Administrator Patterson is 202-307-8000.

If the line is busy, please keep trying to call back.

We need to send the clear and unmistakable message to Administrator Patterson that the DEA is about to get duped again by the FDA.

The FDA wants the DEA to do their dirty work.

But the DEA can stop the FDA in their tracks by rejecting their JUNK SCIENCE.

The FDA wants to protect the multibillion-dollar opioid pharmaceutical industry, and they want to force anyone who believes that kratom is an effective alternative to opioids to file a New Drug Application.

That is how the FDA Dark State expands their regulatory power.

They get to set the ground rules, and once they get control of kratom by classifying it as a drug rather than a natural botanical product, we lose.

The FDA Dark State knows an NDA costs hundreds of millions of dollars to file with the FDA, and it takes nearly a decade to get an approval for any new drug.

The only incentive for paying all of that research and development money is to get a patent.

That way drug companies can charge exorbitant fees to the American public because they have no competition during the patent period.

But the dirty little secret that the FDA knows all too well is that kratom is a natural botanical plant that cannot be patented.

And the FDA wants to dupe the DEA into thinking that they have to schedule kratom because it is dangerous and it kills people.

Sound familiar?

It should.

It is déjà vu for the DEA.

But we won that battle last year by speaking truth to power.

We need to do it again now!

The second step in our plan will take place on Wednesday.

AKA will collect signatures on an “Open Letter to Acting Administrator Robert W. Patterson” that will show the DEA that there are tens of thousands of committed kratom advocates who will protect and defend our freedom to make our own choices about our health and well-being.

I will send the link to that “Open Letter” tomorrow, so please watch for it in your email box.

The third step in our initial battle will take place on Thursday.

That is when I will be asking each of you to pick up the phone and call your Senators and Congressmen.

We are going to fight back every way that we can by telling the truth, and exposing the lies that the FDA is peddling for their own self-serving agenda to expand their regulatory powers.

On Wednesday, Dr. Jack Henningfield will join me in a media conference in Atlanta where we will take on the Georgia Medical Examiner who is peddling the same misinformation and lies that the FDA has fed to virtually every state and local medical examiner and coroner in the country.

The AKA will take this fight wherever it has to be fought.

The bottom line is that kratom is safe when used responsibly.

The science is clear that kratom is not dangerously addictive, with an addiction profile similar to caffeine and coffee.

The truth is, if kratom is banned, those who have chosen to use kratom as an alternative pain management option will be forced to go to dangerous and deadly opioids.

A ban on kratom will actually increase the death toll of opioids.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you are willing to join this fight with us.

Would you do me the additional favor of sending me an email confirming that you left a message for Administrator Patterson.

That email address is:  dave.herman@americankratom.org.

I want to be able to share that information with our friends on Capitol Hill so that they know the we are asking the DEA to double check the science on the FDA’s 8-Factor Analysis, because it does not add up.

I want to let Congress know that thousands of people have called the DEA.

Let’s start our “Virtual March on Washington” this week.

Trust me, it is only the beginning of the fight.

Thank you for your commitment to keeping kratom legal in America.

Dave Herman
American Kratom Association


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