The Great Olympic Outrage: Shaun White’s Rough Week With Liberals & Conservatives


When you write an article arguably about two of the most influential political groups in America, certainly the most prevalent, you have to forewarn yourself about the consequences in doing so.

So I weighed out the negative connotations. On one side, I would be labeled a “sexist, rapist, chauvinistic pig, who doesn’t care about the equality of women and the issues affecting them.”

And on the other hand, the tone would be something like, “treasonous traitor, who hates his country and has no respect for the men and women who have fallen in the name of freedom.”

That shit was really deep for me, and I weighed it out carefully. I did some serious thinking about moving forward.
After steadfast deliberation I had with one’s self, I decided. Meh. Fuck em’ both.


Ladies first, we begin with a group of uptight, nationalistically blind, flag militants, A.K.A. Trump conservatives.

These are the worst conservatives because they are the most actively passionate ones, especially with social media. One way or the other, this group recruits, so much, that so-called anarchist/libertarian, Alex Jones, is a high ranking member, and funny guy, mouthpiece on the street, Mark Dice, is also a squadron goon. Then there’s the rest. Ordinary degenerates, who truly are deplorable in every extent. ‘Hitlary’ was right.

In this group’s mind, you are allowed to protest, you can even disrespect the country in protest, but goddamnit, you keep your liberal hands off our flag.

Well, Shaun White didn’t. As a matter of fact, not only did he touch the flag, he mishandled it like a toddler dragging a cat by its tail.

You see, in this country, there’s a thing called, “flag etiquette.” I know, sounds nearly made up to make a political point. After White was spotted using the flag as his personal baby wipe, every tightwad conservative on Twitter started tweeting out, “oh my, he just disrespected the flag.” “Oh my, pick up the flag, son.” “Oh my, many men have sacrificed their lives for that flag.”

You traitor. ISIS. Scum. Degenerate swine. Hasselhoff.

Just when you thought that liberals were the only drama majors, in comes the mighty red to confront the Flying Tomato over his handling of the American flag.

The media played along, as a matter of fact, the media was complicit in getting this incident to the top of trending hashtags. Repulsive display of overreaction, if I’ve ever seen one.

Not once did it occur to these driveling goons, that perhaps White was stoned out of his mind (I’ve never met a snowboarder, who didn’t toke), and overwrought with victory, that he hardly realized a piece of cloth made 94 percent of the time in China was trailing along the snow.

Moreover, the Chief of Flag Defense, claimed on Twitter, “So it’s ok(sic) to drag and step on the U.S. flag if your(sic)an Olympian like #ShaunWhite?” To which, I replied, “listen big boy, if you’re going to come hard at a great, you better come correct. Spell checking.”

What is “this” infatuation with the flag over all other symbols of freedom? Certainly, nobody is standing up and crying as loud about foreign intervention and foreign aid spending. Nobody is standing up about the erosion of civil liberties. Not one of these flag geeks are spewing on about the trillion dollar deficit and reckless spending sprees at the hands of government. Security over privacy, indoctrination over choice, but the second you let the American flag hit the floor, oh boy, watch out!


White Plays Along, Apologizes and Stuff


To avoid a melee of unhinged conservatism, White was forced to go on television and defend his character. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that the right made such a deal, or the fact that White apologized for something appearing as accidental.

White apologized to make nice, and he told reporters that he had no clue he was doing any harm and I believe him. I believe there was a guy, who trained hard and with devotion, to compete and win on one of the biggest, if not, the biggest stage in sports, the motherfucking Olympics. And after all that hard work, something conservatives talk a lot about, White simply collapsed with emotion and was on cloud 9 plus a spliff.

The only wrongdoing here was the apology. White should have never allowed the right to bully him into an apology. But as we’re soon to find out, you let one group bully you and another one comes swooping in for your lunch money.

White did nothing wrong. This is a classic example of how social media is destroying political discourse in this country by giving people a vehicle that is too accessible to convey opinions. Anyone can log in, type in their username and password, then go to the newsfeed and find something to be incoherently angry about. That’s exactly what people are doing, and it’s bugging the shit out of me.

In summary, Americans are learning to express anger ignorantly by using different social media tools as an outlet. These beliefs or opinions are hardly well constructed and typically done as an immediate reaction. Haste. This kind of unhealthy activism is only stunting progress rather than promoting it. Americans know to be angry, but why? Are they really angry, or is it the media telling them to be?

Speaking of which…


Sisterhood Of Travelling Rants


You probably know by now, that women are very angry and upset with the hand their being dealt in the United States. At least, that’s what I’m reading.

Just as Shaun White was wrapping up an apology for the conservatives, the beating drum of female egalitarianism sounds off and unleashes its fury upon him. All over the word… “kinky buttplug.”

Actually, White used the word, “gossip,” and got himself into trouble. The feminists out of the liberal camp bemoaned its use as “insensitive” and “dismissive” of serious subject matter.

When I first heard about the hash tag Me Too movement, I said, ‘right on, man, right on.’ I admit, I didn’t know at the time why it was ‘right on, man, right on.’ Here I was thinking that the movement, in a responsible and unfettered way would be able to invoke a positive dialogue among all citizens in the country.

Wrong. It’s more like a one way monologue.

Shaun White was accused of sexual harassment, wage theft and wrongful termination back in 2016 by Lena Zawaideh. You see, White had a band and Zawaideh played drums. She claims that White imposed these strict regimes including wearing provocative clothing and cutting her hair. Zawaideh claims in the lawsuit, that White sent her ‘erect penis’ pictures and forced her to watch disturbing sexual videos.

White denied any of this, and even responded by saying, that the pictures he sent were consensual and that Zawaideh reciprocated.

The case was settled in May of 2017, for an amount nobody knows.

June, July, August, September, October and those other two months go by, and the media sits idly. Until the Olympics, when a member of corporate media decided to try and get a rise out of White.

White declined to comment about the sexual harassment matter, as I’m sure his lawyer would have told him to do. When pressed further, White refused to entertain the reporter by dismissing the allegation as “gossip.”
Ruh roh. Suddenly, a rage of fire ensues and out comes the hired guns from the #Me Too movement.
Glamour Magazine asked, “Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Shaun White Sexual Harassment Claim?”

Not to be outdone, U.S.A Today posted an article about the subject. The New York and Los Angeles Times both published smear pieces to tarnish the character of White. All over a misused word.

I ask these fine ladies this question, what the fuck did you expect from White? Did you think he was some sitting member on the Daniel Webster Thesaurus Club? Be thankful he used the word, ‘gossip,’ which by the way was more politer than using, ‘rumor,’ ‘chatter,’ ‘defamation,’ etc.

The thought police, who wish to morph the perfect being one day, couldn’t have any of it. They demanded an apology.

Here’s the thing about public apologies. The person does it, they say their piece, but is there a public acceptance? You know, “the public accepts your apology, you can go now.”


White’s Getting Good At This Apology Game


“I’m truly sorry that I used the word ‘gossip.’ It was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world today,” White said. Well, a subject in the U.S.

It wasn’t a poor choice, it was a choice, that he had every right to make.
Robin Abcarian, of the Los Angeles Times, wrote: “Turns out White is a creep.”

That’s not only irresponsible as a professional columnist or journalist, that’s flat out irresponsible as a human being. Abcarian starts off her piece (here) with this poetic diatribe linking all the powerful industries to sexual assault.

Further in the article, you’ll notice that Abcarian admits she knows little to nothing about this case, but that didn’t stop her from administering a guilty verdict with this: He wasn’t sorry for what he did to Zawaideh mind you, just sorry for how he described it.

Since then, the headline has been changed from “turns out White is a creep,” to “can be a creep.” They can’t even stick with their own outrage. This probably after I wrote a scathing note to the editor of LA Times.

It gets even better, the New York Times, pulls out all of the stops in an attempt to make the charges stick with this misleading headline: Shaun White Now Says He Regrets Past Behavior, as Harassment Claims Resurface.

Because Americans only read headlines these days, the author of this piece, Maya Salem, must have been banking on the idea that nobody would read further into the article. Just by chance if you do, you’ll notice that White was addressing his maturation as a person, not specifically directed in reference to the Zawadieh case.

Interestingly, that same article takes quotes from Zawadieh’s lawyer, a sensationalist if I’ve ever seen one, Larry Bohm. After Bohm learned about the word, ‘gossip,’ (yes all over the word, gossip) he made this comment: “No woman wants to be called a gossip or liar by the harasser.” Bohm also said that White had impugned his client’s character on the world stage.

There’s so many double standards happening, that I’m having a hard time not making this article into an eBook. We can start with the double standard of a person’s character being impugned on the world stage. First, Bohm is equating defending yourself as a form of taunting your “victim,” and making light of a serious issue, sexual assault. Second, it’s only okay to impugn one’s character, if the person being impugned is a man or the accused.

Between the semantical dancing in the New York Times headline and the Bohm statement, you can now see why many comedians, writers, journalists, and just about everyone in the U.S. wont dare stand up to these online renegades.

The media, the liberals, the conservative, yes, they are all to blame for this exploitation and sensationalism. But that doesn’t wipe the slate clean for those who won’t stand up for themselves and others.

Aziz Ansari is a prime example of the point I’m trying to make. Hell, even the New York Times made a mockery out of that claim. But if you type in Ansari on Google, the first article related to his search is about a bad date, which the woman claims resulted in “sexual misconduct.”

When the accusers get loud, you must get louder in response to defend your innocence. Today, there’s no such thing as ‘due process,’ it’s a joke and a very dead one. One is guilty by the court of public opinion before they have their day in court. Let alone, before they can even respond to the claims.

The likes of Ansari and White are easy prey. The media knows these left leaning, push over, male celebs will just curl up on the ground and take their lumps. It’s sad. Get up and punch the bitch back, yer’ big pushy. Sean Connery.


And In The End… The Point You Make, Is The Point They Mistake


As a father of three beautiful and wonderful daughters, my best friend being my girlfriend, I can tell you as a human, that I want a country which is fair and safe for all four of them. My best friend and other women don’t share the same national perception that these feminist renegades do. They don’t feel reduced or cheapened. They don’t feel objectified. They don’t see all men as barbaric, sexual deviants. That’s not to say that they don’t see room for improvement.

I teach my children to be strong, independent and non collectivists. You know why? So they don’t end up shouting pointless rhetoric like this here.

To make clear, I do believe in creating a platform for all victims of sexual abuse. Shit, Cory Feldman has been trying to get the attention of the media for years. Chins were turned. It’s not a one way problem, men are affected by sexual assault directly and indirectly as well. Now, the exposure is there, but it is being misguided and the movement is being mistreated by their own ignorance. (read all the way down)

I’m guilty as hell too, for assuming someone’s guilt based on a headline. But it’s different for a bystander to assume guilt than say a journalist, who can either report responsibly or libelously.

I leave with this leftist trademark. “We have to stop shaming the victim.” I agree, but what if the victim is the accused?”

D.S. Wood

D.S. Wood

D.S. Wood is the author and creator of Kurtis Charles, a fictional narcissist who hates Americans. His work is published seldom due to its insensitive and provocative voice. D.S. Wood is a father of three daughters, a hardworking boyfriend, cultural critic, B2B/B2C content writer—who specialize writing about digital marketing trends, lifestyle, parenting, politics and dog breeds. If you need his services or wish to follow his work, you can contact him via Twitter: DSWood84 or find him on LinkedIn: Derek S Wood
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